Adult Match Maker Review


Are you looking to add some spice to your sex life and reside in Australia or are you one of the many sexually liberated Aussies interested in meeting others like you? If yes, Adult Match Maker is one site you should visit very frequently for flings to remember.

There are several casual dating sites in Australia, one of them being Adult Match Maker. It is the biggest casual dating site in Australia and works by meeting the emotional needs of swinging couples and singles. This casual dating site is enormous because of the tons of special features it comprises. Let us take a closer look into some of these features and how you can get the best from this site.


  • It is the largest casual dating site in Australia. The implication of this is most of the people you know and want to meet are users of this site. And you are most likely going to meet someone you will find interesting.
  • Adult Match Maker meets the dating needs of swinging couples and singles.
  • It features a private webcam as well as chat rooms where you can flirt with other singles that reside in Australia and still keep your identity protected.
  • Make use of the ready blog that contains lots of informative articles concerning intimacy, sex, dating tips and swinging.
  • The dating platform is great for all types of digital devices. You do not need to be with your PC before connecting with other members.
  • Comprises lots of events including regular pubs, sexuality workshops, adult events, singles events, LGTBIQ and swingers parties targeted at swinging couples and singles. So as a member of this site, you can enjoy more than just chats and chat rooms.


  • Silver Membership for 1 Month at 53.95 AUD / Month
  • Gold Membership for 1 Month at 74.95 AUD / Month
  • Platinum Membership for 1 Month at 107.95 AUD / Month
  • Postage Paid for 3 Months at 31.98 AUD / Month

Ease of Use

It is easy, quick and free for every primary member. You only need to start paying monthly fees when you make use of any of the packages available. Furthermore, you can decide to keep your profile very discreet if that is what you want. You can get started by putting up minimal information on your profile. With just your necessary information, you can begin seeing the profiles of other members of this causal dating site. As you progress on this site, you can go on and put up some more information.

There is a lot you can do with your profile on Adult Match Maker. You can put in as many details as you want in your profile. As a site for casual dating, such things as sexual preferences can feature on your profile. Also, you can alter your profile once you feel it is due for some change. Once a profile picture is put up, it is visible by everyone on this site that cares to check.

Start chitchatting right after signup

After registering on this site, the next thing you need to start doing is meeting other members of the website. As soon as you make contact with another member on this site, you can go on communicating as long as you want. After chatting for a while, you can decide if such a person is worthy of your attention. It is also up to you to choose if you want to exchange telephone numbers or email addresses with such a person. Once you exchange telephone numbers with someone you meet on this site, you might not need to keep communicating with them through a chat room.

A very mobile-friendly dating site

At the moment, Adult Match Maker is just a dating site. It is yet to expand into an app. So that means you will always need to visit the website each time you need to make use of it and will not have the luxury of merely having an app on your phone. That can be a drawback for people who are always on the move.

Although Adult Match Maker does not come with an app, the site is optimised to be used on mobile devices without any glitches at the initial stages. Things such as signing up, getting your profile ready and looking for other members, can be done with your phone. Beyond the basics, if you need to make use of the Help menu, terminate your membership or manage your account in other ways, you must make use of a desktop.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable.
  • Signing up is not complicated.
  • It comes with lots of features that make it stand out.
  • Its discounts are incredible.
  • You can always enjoy the free version.
  • No app.
  • It contains some fake profiles.
  • Some profiles do not comprise essential details.

The Bottom Line

Adult Match Maker is an excellent site for people looking to hookup through the internet. Every member of this dating site has to pay a monthly fee. Although the monthly payment is quite affordable, you can always get a discount—one way to save is by paying for three months and above.

The good thing about Adult Match Maker is there is no need to spend lots of money to become a member. There are various packages for different types of members on this site. Furthermore, every member has to pay a monthly fee. You can get a discount of 52% if you pay for three months beforehand. That increases to 67% if you pay for six months, and an astounding 76% if you spend for 12 months.

As soon as you sign up as a member of this casual dating site, your membership will renew automatically at the end of the month. That is a useful function for those that want to be on this site for a long time. However, if you have no interest in spending so much time on this site, you can disable this.