be2 Review


Be2 is an elite matchmaking platform designed to help people make connections with the aim of starting serious relationships. Founded more than 15 years ago in Germany, Be2 has managed to attract users from more than 30 countries, thus creating a good number of singles from different parts worldwide. The dating website has thrived for more than a decade by managing to spread its operations almost globally. For that reason, we needed to look into the site and determine whether it is a smart choice for someone looking to connect.


  • Compatibility Index: This feature determines how compatible you are with someone else. It takes personal information from your profile and compares it with the details of potential partners. That complex comparison is carried out by an algorithm and is aimed at bringing you closer to the most suitable partner with as little effort as possible. During analysis, the algorithm will check factors such as your Observation vs. Feeling, Distance vs. Attachment, Rationality vs. Emotionality, and Tradition vs. Innovation.
  • Just Ask: This is yet another helpful feature that will save you from having long conversations with someone who might not end up being a fitting partner. With “Just Ask”, you will be provided with a set of preselected questions aimed at determining the kind of person you are dealing with online. All you have to do is send the questions and wait for the answers before making the final decision on whether you want to proceed or not.
  • Mobile App: What would Be2 be without a mobile app to help you connect from anywhere? The mobile app is no different from the website in terms of features. That is an excellent thing because you can enjoy all the features available on the website. The mobile app is appropriately organised and detailed for easy navigation. Additionally, registration through the app is quicker and way easier, not to mention that it is free to download and register for the service.


  • Basic Membership for 1 Month at 79.90 AUDĀ / Month
  • Classic Membership for 6 Months at 39.90 AUD / Month
  • Committed Membership for 12 Months at 29.90 AUDĀ / Month

Ease of Use

The Be2 matchmaking service comes with plenty of benefits. But perhaps, one of the most notable benefits you are going to enjoy as a user is the relative ease of finding a partner. There are many features aimed at improving your overall experience and making Be2 stand out as a premium dating platform. The features help you find the most suitable partner easily and without having to worry about your safety.

Easy signup process

The signup process is smooth. After all, no one wants to encounter a lengthy and frustrating registration process. All you need to do to sign up is provide the relevant information and click register. Info includes an email address for billing purposes. Registration is free of charge for all.

While the signup process is simple, there are several things you need to do before your profile can be approved. First, you need to select the gender you are interested in. For example, if you are a straight man looking for a woman, you will click on the woman option. After your profile is approved, you have to take an easy personality test. The questions are aimed at determining what you like, your character, how you perceive different things and the personality of your ideal mate.

To complete the signup process, you will then be required to provide more information about you. Here, you will fill in your profile with personal information such as your birthday, religion, level of education, profession, income, etc. Your income information will not be disclosed to other members of the platform. All the fields provided will have to be filled before you can finally upload your profile picture.

Contacting members

Communication is an integral part of finding a mate. Therefore, it is normal that the Be2 platform provides you with communication features. As a premium member, you will have the freedom to interact with your potential companions infinitely. Be2 allows you to send and receive unlimited messages. Additionally, you can add certain members of the platform to your favourite list.

Multiple matching options

There are methods the Be2 platform utilises to match people. The first one involves the algorithm which analyses your personality answers and matches you to people you are more compatible with. That makes it easier for you and other users to find suitable partners. Just so you know, the platform presents you with ideal matches every 24 hours.

You can also get matched through a process called “Picture Voting”. That involves showing you a picture of a potential partner in the “Matches” page and giving you the option to like the photo through the thumbs up icon or cancel it through the “X” icon. When you cancel an image, it is removed, and another one brought up.

Design and usability

The Be2 dating site comes with a straightforward design. Both the desktop and mobile platforms have no clutter to confuse or distract you. The icons used are clear and unambiguous enough for all kinds of users. Simplicity across the board ensures usability.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes with a mobile app.
  • Has an extensive membership base of up to 38 countries.
  • Supports different payment methods.
  • Easier to sign up through the app.
  • Uses different techniques for matchmaking.
  • Considerably more expensive than other dating platforms.
  • The most useful features are reserved for premium members.
  • No chat function on the mobile app.

The Bottom Line

Finding a partner that will love and cherish you no matter what is not an easy feat, especially in this era. While conventional means of seeking a companion are not bad, they are nothing compared to a service that matches you to an ideal partner based on your personality and preferences.

Be2 eliminates the many obstacles to finding the most suitable mate. You can take away all the stress involved in vetting a partner and still get into a successful relationship. The Be2 platform adds a level of efficiency that will have you connecting with someone more likely to appreciate you for who you are. With more than 700,000 users, you have no reason not to sign up for the service today.