C-Date Review


C-Date is a platform for adventurous people. It is where you go when you need a casual date to push you through the weekend or the holiday without any emotional attachments after the hookup. If you are looking for adventure in and out of the bedroom, C-Date might be the place for you.

The site sports simple features that allow you to connect to other adventurous people whose profiles match yours. But that doesn’t mean people cannot find love or friendship on the site. Some users have reported finding love and some long-lasting friendship (with or without benefits).


  • My Erotic Type: This is a feature that allows you to define your type of adventure. You can tell other members your sexual interests by picking five suggestive thumbnails. When the thumbnails appear on your profile, you attract like-minded members.
  • Ask Me Personally: You do not have to display every detail on your profile if you want to maintain anonymity. With the “Ask Me Personally” Feature, members interested in your profile can ask you questions, and you can choose which to answer. ┬áIf you want to keep your smoking habits under wraps, this is the best feature for you.
  • Navigation Bar: The minimalist design of C-Date makes it user-friendly. Instead of many pages and features, the site presents you with three sections only – contact, fees and mailbox. You can browse matches, view your profile and check profile activity from the widgets on the right-hand side.
  • Filtered Search: If you need a discreet encounter, you can use the search feature to find a date of your choice. Besides the usual features of height and location, you can include your sexual interests.


  • Start Plan for 3 Months at 120.89 AUD / Month
  • Classic Plan for 6 Months at 24.99 AUD / Month
  • Relax Plan for 12 Months at 19.99 AUD / Month

Ease of Use

It takes 2 minutes to sign up

There are no questionnaires to fill out or a lengthy signup process. You only need to confirm your email address and pick six words that describe you, and you are ready to meet adventure-loving men or women. The signup process requires that you enter your age, location, sex, relationship status, what you look like, and how you discovered the site.

Signing up will take less than 5 minutes, after which your profile gets shape. You can choose to add photos or skip that step altogether. Females get to enjoy premium features on a free account, but male members can only browse through face-less profiles. For both, however, you will get ten matches immediately after creating your profile.

Find dates with ease

Immediately after signup, you will have up to ten matches. After subscribing to a premium account, you will have more date prospects and many other features. The candidates are on constant generation by the C-Date algorithm based on the preferences you set.

When you need to make contact, you can start with the list of people online. The “Now Online” list shows members who are currently active. You can send a message to these members for an instant reply. You can also start a conversation from “My Visitors” and “My Favourites” lists. Your visitors are those who view your profile. Whereas, your favourites are profiles of people you have added to your list.

Lastly, you can check “My Likes” which is a group of those who have liked your profile. Only females have access to the “Like” feature. To find a match fast, ensure that you complete your profile by adding a photo and adding as much information about yourself as you are willing to share.

App as good as the site

If you would instead use your mobile device, the minimalist design of the C-Date website replicates on the mobile web version. Better yet, you can access C-Date through a mobile app. Whether you access the site through a web version or the app, you will experience the erotic feel of the website. The app is clean and straightforward with easily accessible tabs. If you are ever confused when using C-Date, you can always ask for help from the support team or read the FAQ page for more details.

Pros and Cons

  • You do not need a premium account to find a date; you can do so on a free account.
  • The minimalist design of C-Date, coupled with their intuitive mobile app, make the platform easy to use.
  • Offers users a variety of ways to find matches including favourite lists, likes, visitors and generic prospects, among others. You can also search based on your interests.
  • A simple registration process takes less than five minutes to complete.
  • The profiles are straightforward, so you understand which member is looking for what.
  • With a free account, you cannot view profile pictures or search for matches.
  • Does not accommodate users who might be looking for love.

The Bottom Line

It is challenging to go around town asking for casual dates because you may not know who is interested. Instead of taking the risk, you can use C-Date, where everyone wants to have a casual hookup. It is also challenging to find a date when you have weird sexual interests. However, you can find your match on C-Date without experiencing the weirdness of explaining your sexual fantasies to someone uninterested.

Unlike most dating sites that help people find love and create long term relationships, C-Date is for people who want a weekend of fun. It sports a horde of user-friendly features each geared to help you find what you need – someone to make the weekend less bland.