CatholicMatch Review


CatholicMatch is a religious-based online dating site for Catholics to meet the right person for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage. The platform is the most populated Catholic-centric dating site. It has been helping Catholics to find love since it came on board. The site has been productive so far because it focuses on people of the same faith.

Catholic church officials are in support of the site’s functions and highly recommend it to Catholic singles. Therefore, if you are a Catholic gent or lady in need of a dating site that can get you married in no time, CatholicMatch is a must-visit. The dating platform will likely make your dream come true.


  • Interview: CatholicMatch provides the opportunity for you to set interview questions on your profile. The purpose of the questionnaire is to know if someone genuinely likes you before you start chatting with them. If you are satisfied with the answers the person presents, then you can proceed to establish communication. Mind you; all the answers will be sent directly to your email.
  • Temperament: The dating site offers an excellent psychological tool so members know themselves better, after which they can use the result to see who fits them perfectly. The pre-set temperament questions are available for all members to answer. You will get your result on your profile.
  • Emoticons: These are a simple feature which any member can use to introduce themselves faster and make conversations more fun. Feel free to use the emoticons when you are short of words.


  • Monthly Membership for 1 Month at 29.99 USD / Month
  • Biannual Membership for 6 Months at 14.99 USD / Month
  • Annual Membership for 12 Months at 9.99 USD / Month

Ease of Use

CatholicMatch is an entirely contemporary online dating site. Most of the useful features are right on the homepage, at a click’s reach. You can easily navigate the website, which has zero unnecessary adverts that can distract you when chatting with someone or browsing through the site.

Having an account 

You need to sign up through your email address or Facebook account to get started. Using Facebook helps the site moderators to carry out proper verification and cut off shady people from joining the platform. It’s compulsory to answer the few questions you will be asked before you can complete your sign-up.

The questions are contingent on your faith as a Catholic. You will only provide a profile picture since CatholicMatch gives new members a username by matching their name and membership number. For instance, if your name is Lucy and you are the 50th member, your username may be Lucy-50.

Making contact

When you’re done with signing-up, the next step is contacting other members. If you want to enjoy CatholicMatch fully, you should upgrade to a paid membership. As a paid member, you can send unlimited messages and get responses faster than free members.

Going through profiles

It’s not compulsory to customise your profile, but doing so makes you stand out. CatholicMatch has made it easier for singles to locate one another in so many ways. One of them is by checking out the profiles of other members. Details on user profiles include religious activities, favourite saints, favourite movies, profile pictures, and the temperament test results.

The search function on CatholicMatch allows you to find someone who fits your criteria. You can search for probable partners based on your preferences, including age and location. You can also use the questions on a member’s profile to enhance your search for the ideal partner.

Mobile application

Utilising the CatholicMatch dating site is swift and smooth. Performing actions like signing up, searching, and messaging other members is also straightforward. You can access this dating platform by downloading the mobile app on your iOS or Android device or just use the desktop site. Whichever your choice, the user experience is seamless across the board.

Pros and Cons

  • Your privacy is safeguarded on the site. No third party will ever access your information.
  • There is a high probability of relationships ending up in marriage.
  • You will enjoy many amazing features, including emoticons, the temperament test and creating your interview questions.
  • An active customer support team is always available to attend to your issues.
  • A paid membership is affordable, and you can always opt for the free membership.
  • CatholicMatch is not open to other non-Catholic denominations.
  • It is difficult to know a paid or free user.

The Bottom Line

CatholicMatch dating site can be regarded as an institute. The platform has been helping lots of Catholic singles globally to locate their future partner. The site doesn’t condone immorality. That’s why it uses email or Facebook to verify a prospective member. Generally, CatholicMatch is a trustworthy and affordable dating site that delivers what it advertises.

Besides the site assisting you to get a partner as soon as possible, it grows your religious faith and gets you closer to God. The dating platform features a blog and magazine to pass advice to single members. That enables hopefuls to find a suitable date easily and successfully enter wedlock. Marriage is highly guaranteed on CatholicMatch.