Chat Bazaar Review


Chat Bazaar is an exciting online dating site where all kinds of singles can connect and communicate, and hopefully build intimate relationships. The dating site is free, which is ideal for speed dating. Additionally, all the features you need to search for matches, chat them up and get to know them are present on this vibrant platform.

Chat Bazaar has been around for the past decade. Most of its members are from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. It is a straightforward dating site that makes it easy for you to find that special someone. Read along and get to learn more about Chat Bazaar and its offerings.


  • Matches: After completing your profile, the Chat Bazaar algorithm will compare it with those of other members on the site and recommend some matches. You can access these matches from your dashboard, and then view their profiles to find out whether any of them interests you.
  • Chat Rooms: The chat room is an exciting feature that allows you to connect with members, even without signing up. Chat Bazaar has several chatrooms that members join voluntarily. You can post anything on such chat rooms even if you are not yet a member. Keep in mind that your messages on the chat rooms are not private.
  • Private Messaging: Chatting up and messaging other members is free and has no restrictions. You can message literary anyone on the site. The site has in-built inboxes, and other members will find your messages in their online mailboxes if they were not online at the time you were sending the message.
  • Friends List: This is a feature that allows you to establish whether someone is interested in you, and save profiles that you might be interested in as well. While browsing profiles, you’ll see a “Request Friendship” button on each of them. When you click the button, the owner of that profile will be notified that you anticipate connecting with them. If they accept your request, they will be added to your friend’s list.


Chat bazaar is FREE. No need to spend a cent to get a match or connect and communicate with any of the other members.

Ease of Use

Registering on Chat Bazaar is quick and easy. It should not take you more than three minutes. Only little of your information is needed for you to be ushered to your dashboard. You’ll, however, need to verify your email address before you can access your dashboard.

You can log in as a guest and take part in the chat rooms if you are not ready to register for an account yet. Unfortunately, as a guest, you will not have access to the site’s main features. Registering is free, so there is no reason for you not to open an account and access the main features.

Utilising the dating site

Using Chat Bazaar is as easy as it gets. As mentioned above, the moment you complete your profile, you will get recommendations of profiles that you best match with on the platform. From such suggestions, you can quickly find someone you prefer without having to browse through thousands of profiles.

You can also search for singles using the “Search Members” feature. Then, you can filter your searches based on location, age, and gender. There is also a list of members who have viewed your profile. Making use of that list enables you to mingle with people who are already interested in you. Check out their profiles to decide whether to connect with such prospects.

Browsing through profiles 

If a profile catches your eye but do not feel confident enough to get in touch with the person, you can leave a like on their photo, and they’ll be aware of your action. You will be aware of people who like your gallery as well. That is a simple way of getting yourself noticed, and finding out who has noticed you.

Chat Bazaar does not have the most detailed profiles. The profiles will only let you know the gender, age, location, and interests of other users. You’ll know what they look like from their pictures. Nonetheless, you need to connect and communicate with the person you’re eyeing to understand what kind of a person they are.

Great user experience

We highly commend the Chat Bazaar platform. It has a simple design, and every notable feature is on the main menu. Your dashboard puts all the essential elements at a clicks reach. You can, therefore, see when you have new friend requests, profile views, and messages. Never will you miss an important notification.

Chat Bazaar, being a free dating site, has adverts in various areas of its pages. The adverts, however, are intuitively laid out and are not obtrusive in any way. They do not disrupt your user experience and your quest of finding a potential mate.

Pros and Cons

  • Chat Bazaar is entirely free. It is one of the few dating sites that will not charge you a dime to use their services.
  • The user-intuitive platform is so simple to utilise that you do not have to be tech-savvy.
  • The site admits singles from all walks of life, which increases your chances of finding your most perfect partner.
  • Chat Bazaar makes it easy for you to express interest in someone and contact them. Messaging has no restrictions whatsoever.
  • On this dating platform, meeting someone is no hassle. You get a long list of matches immediately you land on the site.
  • The lack of restrictions on messaging means that spamming is widespread. You may have to deal with plenty of messages even from people that you haven’t matched up with yet.
  • The ease of registration and minimal details required means that the site is full of fake profiles, some of which are scammers. You have to be careful with your interactions on the website.

The Bottom Line

Chat Bazaar is the perfect platform for speed dating. If you are looking to connect quickly, Chat Bazaar is your ideal dating site. You have to be extra cautious while on the site, though. It is quite easy to fall into the hands of scammers. Given that it is a free site, the platform does not pay too much attention to security. The site seeks to attract as much traffic as possible, and restrictions would not work very well for them.

Anyway, none of the spamming issues should scare you away from Chat Bazaar. Finding a soulmate does not always have to cost you money. We are confident that you can connect with someone worthy on Chat Bazaar, so long as you are taking all the necessary precautions.