Christian Mingle Review


Matters faith play a significant role in long term relationships. That’s why there is plenty of faith-based online dating platforms. Christian Mingle is one of them. As one of the big names in the Christian dating circles, it signs up around 60,000 singles every month from various denominations. The dating network has thousands of success stories. It is reportedly responsible for close to 30% of online Christian marriages. Men and women meet here and end up in lasting unions that are based on Christian values.

If you are wondering if Christian Mingle is worth your time and money, this comprehensive review will help you understand every concept of this dating site so you can confidently make a decision. You never know. Your lifelong partner could be waiting for you on Christian Mingle.


  • Quick Registration: As the site signs up thousands of people every month, it has a streamlined registration process so you can quickly join and start your search for a partner. There’s no requirement for one to share their personal information until they are confident about their match.
  • Free Membership: One can join and start using this dating site for free. You can send winks and update your profile without paying anything. However, you need to pay for subscriptions depending on how long (in terms of months) you want to use the premium features.
  • Daily Suggestions: Christian Mingle has an efficient algorithm that enables you to set the kinds of individuals you prefer according to religion, location, gender, age, among other identifiers. Based on the information you provide, you get daily compatible suggestions and eventually quality connections. There’s a match percentage that tells you how much prospects are compatible with you.
  • Marriage-Minded: Christian values are an integral part of Christian Mingle. Therefore, the relationships the platform facilitates are designed to wind up as Christian marriages. Because of its reputation, the site attracts Christian men and women seeking faithful partners worldwide.


Premium Plan 
  • 1 Month at 49.99 USD / Month
  • 3 Months at 34.99 USD / Month
  • 6 Months at 24.99 USD / Month

Ease of Use

Given the years Christian Mingle has been around, they have fine-tuned the design of their site, so it’s easy to join and navigate. The site interface is neat, functional and appealing – just right for their target audience. That way, you know when and where to get which button.

While it’s possible to be on the platform without spending money, it’s only reasonable to take advantage of all the features on the site through subscribing. What good will a free account do you if you can’t send messages? Most members like the premium option because it allows anonymity if you wish.

Getting started 

In general, the signup process is quick and easy. Christian Mingle has eliminated all the gimmicks and unnecessary tests only to ask a few questions that are useful to the course of getting you a partner. Only basic knowledge of using your device is required – there is nothing too technical to hinder you from joining. For an even easier registration, one can use their Facebook account. Alternatively, your email can do.

Once you are signed up, you’ll have access to several features on the site. Now you can read messages plus see other people’s profiles and activities. It’s important to note that for you to appear in the search results, you have to upload at least an image on your profile and choose a unique username. Christian Mingle has an additional feature (paid for) that you can use to appear higher in search results.

Finding a partner

For the sake of getting compatible suggestions, you’ll need to fill your preferences of the ideal partner. Some of the preferences will include gender, location, height, denomination, and so on. Just like you have filled your profile, other members have done the same. Thus, the Christian Mingle algorithm chooses profiles that meet your requirements and suggests them to you every day.

What happens when you’ve already found the right partner or you are no longer interested in Christian Mingle? It’s possible to delete your profile permanently. The process is equally easy to follow through by using the settings feature. Deleting your account erases all your data from the system.

Online safety

Security is often a paramount concern for anyone that joins an online dating site. Christian Mingle knows this. You can open an account, update your profile, and communicate with others safely on the site. There is a dedicated team that ensures fake profiles don’t see the light of day. Any corrupt elements are detected shortly and removed. If you happen to discover a fraudulent character, there are avenues to report to the customer care team.

When you provide a photo, it undergoes screening and comparisons on the web before it can be approved to go live. If it’s a stock image or has unbecoming content, it’s flagged, which is cause enough to remove you from the platform. The blog section is undeniably a gem to users as well. Experts churn content with advice on how to go about dating online while staying safe. All matters love with a Christian approach are also featured.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy signup process with your Facebook account.
  • Promotes serious relationships that lead to marriages.
  • Users are secure from scams and fraudulent activities.
  • The male to female ratio is balanced.
  • A free account allows you to see profiles.
  • Daily compatible match suggestions for users.
  • There is a dating app for your phone.
  • Free members don’t enjoy all the features.
  • Finding a date could still be hard if you come from a nation that’s not highly populated.
  • An “Exact Match” could still be the wrong person.

The Bottom Line

Christian Mingle is an excellent initiative for single Christians that are looking for fellow Christians to marry. You’ll get match suggestions and scan through profiles to identify a suitor. It’s easy to find a match and even try several dates before you settle down with whoever pleases you. The site is designed simply so everyone that joins feels comfortable using it.

If you’ve been hesitant whether to join or not, now you know what to do. Christian Mingle is safe and worth the try. Just remember that every relationship needs cultivation and some effort to make it work. Once you’ve got a match, thank Christian Mingle, then go ahead and start improving your companionship.