ChristianLove Review


ChristianLove, as the name suggests, is a Christian-based dating site. Finding true love and the right partner is every person’s desire. There are lots of misconceptions that online dating sites can only lead to casual relationships. Also, a majority of Christians tend to stay away from most of the mainstream dating sites. The reason being some of the values secular sites advocate for do not auger well with Christianity.

ChristianLove was established in 2007 with the intent to connect Christian singles. The dating site focuses on upholding Christian values through the dating process. It also strives on building credible relationships that can strengthen over time and lead to marriage. ChristianLove is not inclined to any denomination, and all Christians are welcome on the site. ChristianLove is available in Australia, USA, UK and South Africa.


  • Dating Dairies: The dating diaries is an exciting feature that helps you learn a thing or two about someone before you get in touch with them. Updating your dating diaries often increases the chances of someone getting in touch with you.
  • Profile Views: It is exciting and helpful when you can see the singles who have checked out your profile. It is a perfect way of getting connected with people who are viewing your profile but not popping up in your matches.
  • Encounters Tab: The encounters tab is a quick and easy way of meeting singles. You describe the kind of singles you want to meet, and the ChristianLove algorithm will present you with a couple of options. This feature saves you from the hassle of having to browse through thousands of profiles. It is also a perfect way of finding out how excellent your profile is.
  • Christian Love Blog: There is a blog on the site that educates singles on how to uphold Christian values while dating. It teaches you what to look for when searching for a partner. There is a lot of useful tips and guidance about life in general.


  • Monthly Membership for 1 Month at 79.95 AUD / Month
  • Quarterly Membership for 3 Months at 56.65 AUD / Month
  • Biannual Membership for 6 Months at 40.00 AUD / Month
  • Yearly Membership for 12 Months at 35.00 AUD / Month

Ease of use

If there were a ranking of the most natural dating sites to use, ChristianLove would undoubtedly top the list. The website has a simple layout and is incredibly easy to navigate. It ensures that you can easily use it even if you are not a techie.

Joining the platform

Signing up on ChristianLove is quite simple. You first need to fill up your personal information. Such information includes your name, location, date of birth and email address. From there any other information you provide is optional. All the new profiles are first reviewed by Christian love staff before they go live. ChristianLove is committed to upholding high moral standards and would not allow anything indecent to find its way onto the site.

You’ll then have to enter specific details when you need to use certain features. Of course, you do not have to submit any information that you don’t want to, but you should provide the information asked for to increase your chances of getting the best matches.

Uploading a profile photo is also quite essential. It is highly unlikely that anyone will want to contact you if you do not include a picture in your profile. Your profile should also include a personal bio. The bio is a brief description of yourself and the kind of partner you are looking for at the moment. Keep in mind that your photo and description will be the first impression you make to those who check out your profile.

Finding a good match

Searching for your likely dates is a walk in the park. You can do so in any of the following three ways:

  1. The “Who’s Online?” button allows you to see who is online and active so that you can check out their profile and get in touch with them instantly.
  2. The second way of finding your matches involves sorting singles according to age, gender and distance. That means you choose the gender of the person you are seeking, the age-bracket you are comfortable with, and the radius within which they should be. ChristianLove will sort all the available singles according to these parameters and present you with a list of matches.
  3. The last and best way of finding matches on ChristianLove involves creating your filters based on your preferences. It is a much more thorough method of sorting through the available singles to ensure you get the best matches.

Creating your filters enables you to sort the available singles based on finer details such as their physical appearance, whether they are already parents or not, whether they take alcohol or not, etc. The possibilities are endless. Such a feature allows you to narrow or widen your search as you wish.

Pros and Cons

  • It is a niche-specific dating site that increases your chances of getting a match.
  • The site is easy to navigate and use, even for people who are not tech-savvy.
  • ChristianLove has a large pool of singles. That gives you a better chance of finding your ideal partner.
  • ChristianLove takes all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of members and their information.
  • A dating site focused on upholding moral values such as ChristianLove gives you a better chance of getting into a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.
  • Registering on ChristianLove is free.
  • ChristianLove website is not the flashiest.
  • The matching algorithm on ChristianLove is amateurish.
  • You have to upgrade to a paid version before you enjoy any of the main features.

The Bottom Line

ChristianLove is a fabulous dating site for anyone who has taken Christian values at heart. The platform admits all kinds of Christians. Many people have a perception that Christian dating sites such as ChristianLove enrol committed Christians only. Quite to the contrary, ChristianLove has no business with your private life. The site is solely driven to creating meaningful relationships.

ChristianLove focuses on helping people find their ideal partner. The modern dating scene has little regard for moral values. It is this reason why most modern relationships cannot withstand the test of time. ChristianLove is a fresh breath in the scene. It will help you meet the right person and go through all stages of dating to ensure you build a meaningful relationship.

ChristianLove has already made its mark, given that it has tens of millions of subscribers on its site. We have no qualms about recommending it, and we are confident that it will increase your chances of finding your soulmate. Take time to read the terms of use of ChristianLove so that you have a clear perspective of what the platform expects from you as a subscriber. There are rules of engagement that you need to adhere to to avoid getting banned.