Collarspace Review


Among the leading dating sites online is the Collarspace dating site. It’s not a new topic that each dating site has its uniqueness, and Collarspace is not left out. The website is unique because it is for people who are free-minded and want a place they can unleash themselves without judgement. The dating platform focuses on offering a sane, safe and consensual environment to its users.

Collarspace, unlike most dating sites, does not restrict its users and makes sure they are protected from unscrupulous people, especially scammers and online bullies. Also, the site allows users to express themselves freely without being penalised. The website permits the BDSM lifestyle for interested persons. If Collarspace sounds like a site you desire to visit, then this review will reveal everything you need to know about the platform.


  • Resources: Collarspace has several great resources that are used as guides to assist you in exploring the platform and BDSM aspect. The recourses include some links that will help you identify your limits on the site. Likewise, with the help of these resources, you can be a friend or partner to all kinds of sexualities, LGBT+, transgender and more.
  • Admirers: These are members who add you to their favourites list. Such a feature enables shy people to initiate a conversation with anyone they like. When people realise you’ve favourite them, they may be eager to know you more. That way they can message you first, or you message them first.
  • Notes: It is all dependent on your personality, but you don’t have to be shy on Collarspace. That is because it’s a place created for people to be shameless and free. Lastly, you can decide to be anonymous by using the “Notes” function instead of adding people to your favourites list.
  • Events: Collarspace posts events, past and upcoming, for members to see and share. The activities cover different aspects such as sport, pride parade, flea markets and many more. Besides, the site supports conventions for women groups and organises parties for swingers.
  • Posts: The primary aim of the events feature is to create various avenues for members to meet, hook-up and catch fun, which is the central vision of the site.  The posts on the events double up as advice and tips for new members. That enables them to know more about past and upcoming events on the platform.
  • Games: Collarspace offers a massive collection of sex toys for adults who are interested in them. The toys are available for all tastes, which you can purchase at an affordable price. 


Collarspace is FREE. Members pay nothing to utilise the online dating site and enjoy its fantastic features.

Ease of Use

Collarspace is such a straightforward dating website that anybody can get familiar with quickly. The first step to start with is signing up on the site. On the sign-up page, you will create your username and password, which you will confirm and then enter your email address. After that, you will verify your account by typing in a code that will be displayed. If you can enter the code correctly, you will be able to click on “Join Collarspace.”

Another good thing is that you may decide to have a no public profile account. But, it may take up to 2 days before your account can be verified and finally reviewed. After which you can start sending messages to other members and start adding members to your favourites list.

After you click on the “Join Collarspace” link, you will be directed to, which is Collarspace’s affiliate. The next step is to start making contacts with people on the site. There is an upgraded search option that you can use to search for matches based on their age, gender etc.

Communication aspects

You do not need to pay to send a message to anyone on the site. Everything you will be doing on the website is free of charge. Collarspace also has a chatroom where you can follow general discussions and chat with others. Approval isn’t instant, so you will have to wait for a while before you can start chatting in the chatroom. You should also know that for you to take part in the chatroom, you must first install java runtime in your browser. Hence, a private chat will be impossible.

Personal journal

On Collarspace, you will own a personal journal where you can write anything you like. Even though it is optional, it’s fun, and it can be used as a reference later. Note that, it’s not visible to any other person except you. In your journal, you can also post daily personal updates about anything, which any member can come across, read and enjoy. Likewise, you have the option to edit your post anytime. So if you are not comfortable with whatever you have posted, you can always go back to it and edit.

Brief profiles

Your profile will not carry too much information about you. The same applies to other people’s profiles. You may as well, change the information in your profile anytime you like after becoming a member. Besides, the details on your profile are basics and fall into several categories, based on your skills and interests. The categories are athletics, hobbies, adventure, music, lifestyle, BDSM, sports and spiritual.

Pros and Cons

  • Collarspace is safe because they won’t share your information with a third party.
  • The dating site is ideal for you if you practice BDSM or any other sexuality.
  • There are friendly terms and conditions for you to follow.
  • There is an option for you to filter spams in your inbox.
  • The dating platform has customer support that attends to all complaints, or you can check the site’s FAQs before contacting them.
  • You will outline your sexual preferences on your profile. That makes it easy for someone who prefers your interests to locate you.
  • There are many ways to communicate with others, such as messages, journals, audio and video.
  • It’s free of charge with all the fantastic features.
  • Once you block someone, you can never unblock that person again. So, you should think twice before blocking anyone.
  • The site’s interface looks old. But that doesn’t affect the functionality of the website.
  • There is no formal matching feature. You will have to find a match for yourself by searching for your ideal partner using the search function.
  • No mobile app is available yet.

The Bottom Line

Collarspace online dating site is available as a platform for erotic and uncensored videos, pictures, audios and journals. The site is not a place you join intending to get a future partner, although that can happen. Nevertheless, it’s a place for people to meet and have conversations on bondage, dominance, submission and masochism lifestyles.  On Collarspace, you can find someone to meet physically, arrange hook-ups and continue your BDSM lifestyle with offline.

Furthermore, Collarspace internet dating site is an adult site. If you have been hunting for a place where you can get dirty, express yourself freely without irking anyone or meet suitable sexual partners, Collarspace is available to satisfy you, with over 1.5 million members from different countries. You will surely get what you want quickly and easily without paying a dime.