DateinAsia is a dating platform for singles seeking to connect with Asians. Though the site is dating oriented, it’s not limited to romantic connections only. People of all kind can socialise on the site and form friendships. Moreover, the dating site is free and open to everyone.

According to the site administrators, a majority of the female members are Asian. Most male members, even those of Asian descent, are from the Americas and Europe. With that said, let’s find out whether DateinAsia is an ideal website for you to meet a serious partner who you can build a meaningful relationship with.


  • Pinned: This is a list of members that you have saved. You can save any member whose profile excites you.
  • Shout: Shout is a collection of public chat rooms and video games that congregate members with the same interests. Games and chat rooms are a perfect way of breaking the ice and initiating a conversation.
  • Visitors: The “Visitors” tab allows you to see the members who have checked out your profile.
  • Top Contributors: Top Contributors is a reward system for the members who help improve DateinAsia by reporting those violating the terms of use. You get a badge based on how accurate your reports are.
  • Your 48 Hours Stats: This is a summary of your activity on the site for the last 48 hours. The intensity of your activities online is represented with a circular progress bar.
  • Face Detector: The site has a face detector software which ensures that every photo uploaded clearly shows the face. Your photo will be rejected if it does not reveal your face, there’s more than one face, or your face is too small compared to the size of the photo.


DateinAsia is FREE. It is one of the few online dating sites that provide a platform for seamless dating without you paying anything.

Ease of Use

Before you register for an account on DateinAsia, you must take a personality test. The personality test is used by the site’s matching algorithm to predict the members you might match with. You will be prompted to verify your email address after you’ve filled in your basic identification information.

You must have a working phone number when registering, which you’ll be required to verify. An activation code will be SMSed to your number to complete the verification process. Some people have complained that it takes too long for the activation code to arrive. The email address and phone number verifications help to prevent the creation of fake profiles.

Chatting and messaging

Communication on DateinAsia is super easy. Once you have an account, you can message any member on the site. In-built bots moderate the chat rooms and are always on the lookout for members flouting the set regulations. Sending rude messages and relaying sexual innuendos is not permitted.

There are many public chat rooms on the platform. Each one attracts a specific group of people. The topic or name of a chat room will tell you what it is all about. You can join any chat room that appeals to your interests. Sadly, you cannot create your chat room. You have to make do with the default ones.

Language barrier

Despite the Asian inclination, members are required only to use English in their interactions. No Asian language is permitted in the chat rooms. A fully-filled member profile has all the details you need to decide whether you’d vibe with that person. You can view the profile photos of members. The images are usually clear and will give you a helpful perspective of what someone looks like.

Mobile-friendly website

DateinAsia does not have a mobile app, but the website is optimised for mobile devices. Therefore, site navigation and usability are not technical. Since DateinAsia is a free internet dating site, it has adverts scattered all over. The adverts do not cause any significant inconvenience, though.

Pros and Cons

  • DateinAsia is a free internet dating site. Your success on the website is therefore wholly dependent on your social skills rather than premium membership.
  • The chat rooms and games make DateinAsia more than just a dating site. Even if you do not succeed in connecting with anyone on the site, you’ll enjoy your experience by participating in the chat rooms and playing the available games.
  • Although the dating site focuses on Asian people, there are members worldwide. You can meet singles or make friends from other countries.
  • The verification of phone numbers helps to weed out people intending to create fake profiles. That reduces the number of scammers on the site.
  • The website is simple to utilise and navigate. Anyone can browse profiles, communicate with members, and access features quickly on-site.
  • DateinAsia does not have an app. You have to make do with the web version, even on your mobile device.
  • The interface of the website is bland. There is nothing attractive or contemporary about it.
  • Verifying your mobile number takes too long. Some users claim they had to wait for days for the verification code to be SMSed.

The Bottom Line

DateinAsia is undoubtedly a thrilling online dating site. You don’t have to necessarily be looking for a romantic relationship to visit the platform. Some of the chat rooms have meaningful conversations going on, and others are lots of fun. As mentioned earlier, it is a website on which you can make significant connections and friendships.

When it comes to finding a date or partner, we do not believe that DateinAsia is a dating site for serious relationships. We do not think it is the ideal platform for you if you’re seeking a lasting relationship that can lead to matrimony. However, as long as you are connecting and communicating with other members on the site, anything is possible.