Gay Match Maker Review


With over 300,000 active members, Gay Match Maker makes for a premium dating site for gay and bi men in Australia. The site offers a refreshing platform for men to interact and share experiences with other men. As a member, you have the chance to meet single men or couples that take pleasure in gay dating.

Considering how hard it can get for a gay person to find love, Gay Match Maker is the perfect choice for you. The platform is designed to deliver a seamless user experience and comes with features that make your entire stay pleasurable. The distribution of male members includes 87% who identify as gay, 8% who identify as non-binary, 4% are couples and 1% are groupies.


  • Adult Mode: The Adult Mode was designed to hide R-rated content when you are in public places such as your workplace. By switching on the adult mode, you effectively censor images that would seem inappropriate to other people.
  • Private Gallery: This feature is useful for when you feel like you are connecting with someone and that you can really trust them. You can go ahead and give them access to your private gallery. Here, they will see photos of you, what no one else can.
  • Wink: Wink is a great conversation starter for when you find someone you would like to connect with. You can attach simple messages such as connection requests, compliments and funny comments. The good thing is that you do not even have to write the messages; they are pre-written. All you have to do is pick the most suitable one and send.


Silver Membership
  • 1 Month at 53.95 AUD / Month
  • 3 Months at 25.65 AUD / Month
  • 6 Months at 17.99 AUD / Month
  • 12 Months at 12.91 AUD / Month
Gold Membership
  • 1 Month at 74.95 AUD / Month
  • 3 Months at 36.65 AUD / Month
  • 6 Months at 25.49 AUD / Month
  • 12 Months at 18.33 AUD / Month
Platinum Membership
  • 1 Month at 107.95 AUD / Month
  • 3 Months at 52.32 AUD / Month
  • 6 Months at 36.99 AUD / Month
  • 12 Months at 26.16 AUD / Month

Ease of Use

How easy is it to use Gay Match Maker? That was an essential question for us because a dating platform is no good if no one can use it easily. Therefore, we embarked on finding out how easy the site had made it for you to enjoy the whole gay dating experience.

Signing up

The path to finding an authentic partner, whether through natural means or a dating site, has never been easy. After all, the world is full of people you wouldn’t want to date. Matters can go from bad to worse if a simple process like registering on a dating website is a hassle. The one thing we liked about Gay Match Maker is that they made signing up easy. All you need to do to join the platform is fill in your information including your name, location, preferences and interests, then click register.

Making contact

It is possible to contact other members within the site. That is the sole purpose of joining anyway. Users get to enjoy unlimited replies to all messages they send. The number of messages you send out will be determined by your membership level, though. For example, if you are using the free membership plan, you can only send out 3 messages while someone with a premium membership can reach out to up to 25 people. Get yourself a premium membership if you are planning to contact more people.

Profile quality

Like every user on Gay Match Maker, the last thing you want to encounter is a fake profile. The site takes care of this problem so as to reduce the risk of you falling into the hands of unscrupulous people. There is a profile verification system that determines whether profiles are real. Each profile is well detailed to give as much information as possible. It is also possible to change your availability on the profile. All in all, the quality of profiles on the site is impressive.

Proper organisation

Everything on Gay Match Maker is organised in a way that is easy for you to access. Even without signing up, you can access quite a number of tabs. For example, you can browse through different profiles in Australia and New Zealand. What’s more, the site allows you to localise your searches depending on which state you live in. You can also check out testimonials from previous users to help gauge your anticipated experience within the site. Additionally, you can see the events planned, where the events will take place and the nature of those events.

Customer support

Gay Match Maker has a customer service team that is accessible 7 days a week from 9 AM to 1 AM (Australian Eastern Standard Time) through snail mail, Twitter and Facebook. For any query, make use of the “Contact Us” page on the website and get feedback in no time.

Pros and Cons

  • LGBTIQ inclusive and diverse.
  • Robust support system.
  • Strict policy against fake profiles.
  • Easy to sign up.
  • Comprehensive profiles.
  • Supports different payment options.
  • The Adult Mode is not 100% effective in hiding R-rated photos.
  • No mobile app.
  • Limited messages for free members.

The Bottom Line

Finding a genuine partner to share your life and experiences with is not easy. There are so many obstacles that could come between you and finding that special someone. However, with a diverse dating platform, that should not be a problem. Gay Match Maker is a decent dating site that will help you meet people who have the same sexual preferences as you.

While Gay Match Maker is an excellent site to meet other gay or queer people, it is unlikely that you will find a serious partner herein. The site is mainly geared towards helping people explore sexually. Leverage the platform by attending the many planned events and sharing your experiences with different people.