Loveaholics Review


Loveaholics, as its name implies, is a dating site where singles are enabled to find the love they desire. It is one of the best dating sites in operation on the internet. That is because the platform aims at getting singles connected for long-term relationships that could lead to marriage.

The site has gained widespread popularity since its grand entrance and offers services to members from over 20 countries. That could be traced to its commitment so far towards achieving its goals. So far, the platform accommodates over 1.9 million visitors every month and records over 120,000 members who are active every week.

The gender ratio is Male (70%) and Female (30%) with the top age range of the members on Loveaholics being between 35 and 44. Loveaholics offers service to singles who are addicted to love and are in search of friendship or a serious relationship that can lead to matrimony. Additionally, the site hosts members who prefer a same-sex relationship.


  • Safe Mode: Loveaholics limits how standard members use the site and offer a safety function to secure your account. Besides, you are safe from fake accounts while on “Basic Mode”. To step-up the security of your profile, you can take the additional precaution of the “Full Mode” which permits genuine members only to message you.
  • Flirtcast: To manage your chat, Loveaholics will enable you to send a message at a time. By doing that, it makes you flirt with someone that is on the same wavelength as you.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: When you sign up for premium, and you don’t get prospects, you could get pissed. To avoid this, Loveaholics will permit you to visit another sister site to search for candidates. Maybe, you can find the right partner there.
  • Value for Money: Loveaholics offers its paid members so many opportunities that will make them appreciate their investment. Paid members can send messages and use all of the features on the site, while unpaid members cannot have access to certain essential features. Being able to use the available features enhances the chance of getting a date in no time.


  • Monthly Subscription for 1 Month at 33.60 AUD / Month
  • Quarterly Subscription for 3 Months at 22.50 AUD / Month
  • Biannual Subscription for 6 Months at 16.20 AUD / Month

Ease of Use

One great feature any online dating site must possess is a simple and usable design, and Loveaholics ensures this. Loveaholics dating site is elementary and fast to use for anybody. No one can find it challenging to get acquainted with the platform.

Becoming a member

One of the questions you must answer before you get approved is your age. That makes it easy to prevent anyone that’s under 18 years of age from joining the platform. When you enrol to this site, there is a high probability that you will meet a partner that is in search of a serious relationship, provided you take all necessary steps that will grant you the chance.

Sign up is straightforward. The process will not take more than 15 minutes of your time. To start with, visit the Loveaholics website, and you will be directed to the sign-in page ASAP. After that, you will input your details like age, what you do, name, your gender and that of your prospect, etc. Additionally, you will have to give a brief description of your prospective partner.

Then, you will submit your email address and set your log-in password, which you can decide to change later. You will receive a code in your email inbox which you will use to activate your account. You can as well verify your account by calling customer support.

Next, you will have to create a catchy username. It’s advisable to ponder before you select your username. For instance, you may create a funny username to attract prospects since the tone and description of your username will quickly hint someone of who you are and what you want.

Getting connected

Once you pass the registration phase, you can proceed to chat and connect with others. You will get new matches from Loveaholics, and you too can message people that strike your fantasy.  The chat options include flirty messages and features which you can opt for instead of personalised messages.

Likewise, you can see members that are active by using the site’s search feature. When you see someone you like, you are free to message them quickly to initiate a conversation. Be aware that if you are not a paid member, you will not be able to use any tangible feature on the site.

Creating your profile

You need to take your time to work on your profile by providing an answer to some questions and uploading your photo. Your profile is to make others familiar with you and know if they fit your specifications. Remember, this is a dating site that helps people find a serious relationship. Therefore, make sure your profile reflects who you are for real.

Upon completion of your profile, Loveaholics will start matching you up with people who suit your taste. Even when you are inactive, matching continues, and you can view your matches anytime you are active on the platform. You can either use the dating app or access the site on your mobile device or personal computer to polish your profile.

Pros and Cons

  • A variety of excellent features.
  • There are multiple safety guides to protect you from scammers.
  • 24/7 customer service. They are experts and always ready to help you with your complaints.
  • You have access to unlimited chats as a paid member.
  • Leverage the seven days’ free trial as a new member to decide if the site is the right place for you.
  • Block a member feature is available on the site. With this, you don’t have to bother about an annoying member.
  • Deactivate your account without any penalty.
  • Claim a refund from the customer support if you have genuine proof.
  • Send winks as an unpaid member.
  • You can favourite a member’s profile. That way, you can easily chat with them and track their presence anytime. There is no restriction on the number of favourites you can store.
  • Few existing fake profiles. The security system helps to mitigate suspicious members from joining the platform.
  • No audio and video chat feature on the platform

The Bottom Line

Loveaholics is a preferred dating site that cares about the security of its members. The platform understands how insecurity can truncate their mission. For this reason, adequate precautionary measures are in operation to safeguard members.

Likewise, this online dating site will present you real value as it ensures you of having a worthwhile experience while leveraging the site. Using this site is not stressful neither is it sophisticated in any way. You can join the site without paying a dime and assess people’s profiles to see if it is probable to subscribe to the platform.

Finally, if you are searching for a serious partner, the Loveaholics dating site is where you should be because the platform gears towards ensuring almost all its members find their perfect date. That then can lead to a lifelong relationship and result in a “happily ever after” relation.