LoveMe Review


LoveMe, also recognised as A Foreign Affair, is one of the oldest dating agencies in the world, with its interactive international Singles Tours attracting the most attention. The site, which was founded in 1995, is mainly geared towards connecting men (mostly Western) with single women from Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Membership is, however, not limited to these regions.

The dating site claims to have connected thousands of couples since its inception, which leads to it being featured in major publications like TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and Washington Post. The media attention has also extended to the world of television, with mainstream shows like 60 Minutes, Dr Phil, and The Today Show. Amidst all the hype, to tell whether LoveMe is legit or not, we had to take a much closer look at the site. Here’s a detailed lowdown of what we discovered.


  • Dating Coach Advice: Being primarily centred around interracial dating, LoveMe provides on-demand assistance and guidance from a range of top relationship experts. And this is not in the form of those generic articles and videos we’re used to on most dating sites. It’s personalised and customised advice aimed to make you a better match.
  • Singles Tours: Tours and events are in plenty, some of which go up to a week, where members meet and interact freely. While the charges are somewhat decent, Platinum members get massive discounts and vouchers covering plane tickets, accommodation, meals, etc.
  • Flower Delivery Service: The LoveMe AFA service allows you to celebrate and impress your favourite lady with a bouquet of beautiful fresh roses and a romantic letter wherever they may be. You don’t have to worry about shipping processes or flower selection. Everything is done for you at a small price.
  • Phone Translation Services: LoveMe has a host of phone operators on standby 24/7 and fluent in Russian and Spanish languages. They come in useful if you need help in contacting women with foreign dialects. For a few bucks, you can make direct calls and get them fully translated.


  • Platinum Membership Activation at 95 USD
  • Monthly Platinum Renewal at 29.95 USDĀ / Month

Ease of Use

LoveMe is marketed as a classy dating platform and to that end, it meets all the expectations. The signup process is a breeze albeit very thorough which is good for quality control. And the matching system is quite accurate and easy to utilise. A one-time Platinum membership fee of 95 USD is applicable to all new male members. Thereafter, a recurring monthly fee of 29.95 USD applies. Female applicants need not pay anything to get started.

Signing up

How fast the signing up process depends on the applicant’s gender, with males having it easier than females, who have to upload at least 2 pictures before getting approved. Nonetheless, both genders are required to fill personal background forms detailing their age, body shape, notable physical features, country of residence, and occupation.

As you would expect with a dating site that hooks up older men with younger women, the male applicants are in particular asked more questions about their professional background. As for women, most questions have to do with physical appearance. Whatever the case, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete and submit all the questionnaires given for they’re that simple.

Finding matches

This dating platform allows ladies to make the initial contact even without a subscription. Men, on the other hand, can only message women who’ve messaged them, unless they have a Platinum membership. Basically, women get the first opportunity to view male profiles and decide whether to initiate contact or not.

For more personalised matches, you can use the “Match Wizard Form”, especially if you’re a lady. The first prompt will require your personal details such as name, age, height and ethnicity. The second prompt is concerned about your ideal match in regards to their appearance, age and profession. After filling the forms, the Wizard will go on overdrive to find your perfect match and immediately send a notification to your email when one is found.

Notably, LoveMe doesn’t have a chat feature, which may be frustrating if you are a texter or chatter. Moreover, the search function is a bit antiquated, in that you can only search for a specific user through their user ID (or username) instead of a bunch of people with similar interests. From a general perspective, that’s a superb way to reduce stalking and spam texting.

Profile quality

LoveMe prides itself in being a serious matchmaking service, and this is reflected by the quality of profiles (for both genders) on the site. Thanks to the detailed forms that one has to complete and submit before opening an account, there’s enough information on every profile you click on to help you make informed choices.

Users may also decide to add a more personal touch to their profiles via the self-description feature, generally known as Bio. Whether it’s a disclaimer, clarification or few more tidbits about yourself, the bio section is an open place where you can write whatever you want regarding you.

Customer support

If you have any questions, complaints or concerns about the service, you can get assistance by sending an email to or starting a live chat with the support team. How fast you get a response will, however, depend on your subscription tier, with Platinum members getting first priority.

Pros and Cons

  • An affordable Platinum membership that offers an amazing array of benefits.
  • A relatively safe place for women as they get to choose who messages them. Furthermore, it’s free to join for women.
  • The extensive and diverse userbase makes it simpler to find a satisfactory match.
  • The site’s classic and very basic layout is easy for everyone to utilise and navigate.
  • An automated matching system saves members the pain of having to scroll through tons of profiles in search of matches.
  • Singles Tours which happen in different locations around the world are a great way for members to interact and meet their matches in person.
  • No mobile app.
  • Some regions of the world are not covered.
  • The fact that only men get to pay for membership may be regarded as sexist.

The Bottom Line

Interracial relationships are all the rage now, and getting into one is easier than ever. LoveMe is one of the few dating sites that exclusively work to connect interracial singles. That said, it’s not the best place to look for casual sex. Most of the members are seeking serious long-term relationships. And that’s what makes this site great for genuine love-seekers rather than sex-crazed weirdos.

If you’re a woman, it’s free to sign up and use all the fantastic features. What’s more, you won’t have to deal with annoying messages as only those you text first can converse with you. For men, you have to spend money to use this site. But the expense comes with the assurance of meeting the woman you always desire. All women are thoroughly vetted and must upload a couple of their real photos on their profiles. That reduces your chances of getting catfished.