Nerd Dating Sites

7 Top Nerd Dating Websites Review

While nerds are awesome, they probably need a little help finding partners. Most of the excellent movies we binge-watch and most innovations are the brainchildren of nerds. Nerd dating sites are full-featured and created to bring single nerds together for intimate relationships.

Some dating platforms are not specific to nerds, but due to their massive user base, multiple search features and ease of use, it is easy finding a nerd therein. For instance, EliteSingles, eHarmony and Zoosk are not nerdy dating sites by nature, but platforms for anyone seeking love.

1. EliteSingles

True to its name, EliteSingles was designed to bring working professionals together. Most of the members on EliteSingles are brainy, having at least a bachelor’s degree. Better yet, the dating site has more than 13 million registered users, mostly concentrated in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. There is a wide age-range, and the ratio of men to women is almost balanced.

Although EliteSingles is not for nerds alone, its 13 million strong user base and the fact that it was created for busy professionals, makes it ideal for nerd dating. Signing up on this platform may take longer than it does on other dating websites. That is because you have to fill in an in-depth personality report. With the report, the matching algorithm can find you a perfect match. There is also a blog that gives nerds handy dating tips.

2. eHarmony

eHarmony is a fabulous place for nerds to find love, credit to the large user base on the platform and the fact that the dating site is backed by science. Its founder, Dr Neil Clark Warren, was a professional psychologist and marriage counsellor for years on end. According to him, creating a long-lasting relationship is not by luck or chance. There are so many factors involved.

You are in for a near-perfect match when you join eHarmony as a nerd. The site requires that you answer a questionnaire which the matching system uses to create your personality profile and later find you a match. You can see how compatible you are with your matches percentage-wise.

If you are nerdy or just need to find a nerd, eHarmony is the platform to rely on always. Not only does the dating site present you with a partner whose personality clicks with yours but also makes finding a date easy-peasy as long as you leverage the available match-making features.

3. Zoosk

Nerds have a hard time starting conversations, and Zoosk knew just that when setting up this dating site. Although the site is not specific to nerdy persons, it has incredible features that connect nerds worldwide. Geeks can send one of the automated messages the site presents, keeping conversations alive and helping nerds find a date.

Besides the automatic messaging feature, Zoosk is appealing to geeks due to its vast user base. The site has over 40 million registered members from around the world. It accommodates all sorts of people from geeks to Filipinos, straight people, positive singles, and many more.

You can connect with your matches with ease on Zoosk using the messaging and live chat features. Search features, on the other hand, allow you to search for any personality you prefer. As long as your profile is complete, Zoosk presents you with numerous opportunities to find love.

4. Geek Nerd Dating

Unlike the three sites highlighted above, Geek Nerd Dating is specifically for nerds. Nevertheless, it also has other users who fancy dating a nerd. If you have tried many dating sites with no luck, this is where you might find a nerd to date and experience the remarkable nerdy life.

The site has limited essential features that help you find love. It has advanced search filters which nerds can utilise to search for matches of any personality. Also available is a horde of messaging features, allowing you to plan a date with a nerd. Besides the fact that the site targets geeks, it is a full-featured dating site.

To spice things up, Geek Nerd Dating, which is part of Online Connections Network, ensures that your profile gets seen by other singles in other dating sites. That way, you find a date super fast.

5. Geeky Friends Date

Geeky Friends Date is an ideal platform for geeky individuals looking to find love in a free dating site. You do not have to pay a coin, but you have access to all the features on the dating site. The website is excellent thanks to the fact that it caters to not only geeks but also other nerd loving users worldwide.

Both web and app versions of Geeky Friends Date are easily accessible. You will make use of standard features such as advanced search filters, instant messaging, hearts for those whose profiles you like, and favourites list.

Thousands of nerds are already using the site, therefore, increasing your probability of finding love. A majority of members on this site are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Matches are contingent on your location as the website aims at finding you someone special from your locality.

6. SoulGeek

Just like Geeky Friends, SoulGeek is a free dating site. Creating a profile and searching for someone special is simple thanks to the user-friendly website. Your profile on SoulGeek needs to showcase all your appealing features, especially the attributes that make you a geek.

A complete profile allows other nerds to connect with you. You can also browse through the profiles of other members and identify those that interest you. Communication is through instant messaging. There are also forums and chatrooms where geeks offer relationship tips to each other and find partners too.

SoulGeek connects you to geeks in your neighbourhood. The search feature allows you to search for members by country, state, and zip code. Besides searching for matches, the site sends you a list of new members and their profiles to browse through. If any of the profiles catch your eye, you can go ahead and message the person.

7. Match Geeks

Match Geeks is a platform for geeks to find love or a casual date. It is a full-featured site whose layout ensures usability. Whether you are a geek due to your technical job, your passion for sci-fiction or gaming, or just your mannerisms, Match Geeks is the place to be.

The sign-up process on Match Geeks is easy as all you have to do is provide a few details, including your name, age, zip code, and gender. You need to complete your profile to enable other single geeks to find you with ease. Add photos and necessary information about you, particularly your strengths, to increase your chances of finding love.

On sign up, the site allows you to browse through other members’ profiles, send and receive messages, send hearts, and plan a date. If you need to find the perfect geeky partner in no time, Match Geeks is the website to visit.

Final Thoughts

Most of the dating sites mentioned above are designed for geeks to meet partners. They work accordingly because geeks are confident of meeting other geeks for love and companionship. Some sites, the first three, are getting a highlight here because of their massive user base. These are general dating sites with millions of users. They are ideal for geeks as they host people from all walks of life.