Oasis Active Review


Oasis Active is a free internet dating site that focuses on helping singles from all walks of life find partners for lasting relationships. The platform commits itself to enable people to build relations that can lead to marriage. Oasis Active will assist you in finding your perfect match by providing a secure platform for you to connect and communicate with people that you share specific values.

Oasis Active has been active on the online dating scene since 2008. The thriving dating site is available to all adult men and women from around the world. Oasis Active estimates that 70% of the singles on its evergrowing platform are aged between 18 and 35, while 30% are above 35 years.


  • Who Likes Me: This feature allows you to see all the singles who have visited your profile and might be interested in connecting with you. Since you already know such people are interested in you, it becomes easy for you to find a match and connect with them.
  • Shoutouts: Shoutouts is a unique feature that allows you to broadcast a message to up to 1000 active singles. You create a general reach-out message, and the shoutout algorithm will relay it to active singles who best fit your description of the person you are looking for at the moment. The shoutout feature is available for those who are on paid membership.
  • My Maybes: Oasis Active makes thousands if not millions of singles available to you. It is common for you to be lost for choice. Maybe you want to fish for singles for a little bit longer before you contact anyone. My Maybes allows you to save the profiles that catch your fancy so you can come back to them whenever you want to.


  • No Advertisements at 5.45 AUD / Month
  • Shoutouts at 5.45 AUD / Shoutout

Ease of Use

Signing up on Oasis Active is easy-peasy. It should not take more than two minutes. You just need to fill a registration form that is used to collect your profile information. Oasis Active only requires the most basic information before you can access your dashboard. You’ll be required to upload pictures or import some from Facebook so that other singles can check you out.

User profiles on Oasis Active are quite detailed when filled out in full. You do not have to fill out the entire profile when getting started if you are not comfortable about releasing some of your information. A complete profile on Oasis Active will give you a clear perspective of the kind of person that’s on the other end.

You can edit your user profile at any point. Just add or remove information from your profile whenever you feel it is essential to do so. Nevertheless, keep in mind that editing your profile might affect the kind of singles that you match up with on the platform.

Finding and contacting matches 

Using the search button, you can access any member on the platform if you know their username. The search button also allows you to search for singles using tags. Finding and messaging your matches is free. Oasis Active is one of the few dating sites that will enable you to find and contact potential dates free of charge.

Oasis Active allows you to filter your searches according to age, location, gender, physical features, etc. Unfortunately, Oasis Active does not offer much flexibility in terms of sifting your searches. The results are entirely random, and narrowing or widening your search is not that simple.

You can contact anyone whose profile matches with yours. If your profiles do not match, you won’t be able to contact each other. Also, if you match up with someone but you still cannot message them, it means that they have already checked out your profile and disliked it.

There are no other restrictions on messaging. That means that you might receive a lot of messages at times. If you feel the need to control the number of texts you get, you can reduce your matches by updating your profile and constricting your seeking criteria to a particular type of members.

All matters pricing

Although there is a paid membership on Oasis Active, it would be safe to call it a free dating site. Most, if not all, of the essential services and features, are free. Registering for an account, creating a profile, searching for a match, and contacting members are all free.

Upgrading to a paid membership will enhance your experience on Oasis Active. You get additional features such as the shoutouts, and your pages won’t have adverts. You can use your credit card or PayPal account to pay for the available upgrades.

Pros and Cons

  • Registering on Oasis Active is quite simple.
  • All the main features on the site are free.
  • Oasis Active has android and IOS Apps.
  • Both web and app platforms are user-intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • The site is open to all adults, therefore, anticipate a large pool of singles.
  • The site has little restrictions on messaging, meaning spamming is widespread. You get messages from people who you do not match up with at all.
  • The low restriction and free services offered provide a playing ground for scammers.
  • There is plenty of fake profiles on the site. Oasis Active does not ask its subscribers to verify their profiles.

The Bottom Line

Oasis Active is a great platform, especially for those who do not want to spend money on a dating site. You stand a good chance of finding a match on Oasis Active and building a serious relationship. Oasis Active provides all the necessary features to help singles connect. But be extremely cautious while engaging anyone.

The free services and low barrier of entry of the dating site mean that security features are an afterthought. As mentioned above, there are plenty of fake profiles on the site. The last thing you need is someone wasting your time and possibly scamming you, while you are eager to find a soulmate.

You should not be afraid of trying Oasis Active out though. The site is full of singles from around the world, and you just might get lucky. So long as you are careful with your interactions and communications, you’ll be able to detect a scammer from a mile away. There is an option for reporting a member if you suspect their profile might be fake or they are rude.