PinaLove Review


PinaLove is a dating site for men who want to connect with Filipino girls and transgender people. There are over one million subscribers on the site. The dating site admits men from all over the world. It works like any other ordinary internet dating platform, only that it specialises in helping men find partners from the Philippines.

The site owners estimate that the platform gets 500 new members every day. PinaLove provides an easy way of meeting Filipino girls without spending money. What’s more, connecting with the single girls is possible on a free membership. Read along and find out how you can leverage PinaLove to find your Filipino soulmate.


  • Interested in Me: This feature shows you those who sent you hearts as an indication that they are interested in you. Single Filipino girls might send you hearts if they like you after viewing your profile.
  • My Interests: This is a list of people you have sent hearts to recently. They will see your activity on their “Interested in Me” tab.
  • Favourited Me: This feature allows you to see members who have added you to their list of favourites.
  • My Favourites: This is a list of profiles that you have added to your favourites. Such members will see that you’ve added them to your list of favourites on their “Favourited Me” tab.
  • Visited Me: You get to see the members who have checked out your profile through this feature which works in real-time. You’ll get a pop-up notification on the lower left of your screen when someone visits your profile.
  • My Visits: This is a list of all the profiles that you have checked out. Keep in mind that other members will see that you checked their profile from their end.


  • Monthly Subscription for 1 Month at 24.95 USD / Month
  • Quarterly Subscription for 3 Months at 16.65 USD / Month
  • Biannual Subscription for 6 Months at 11.66 USD / Month
  • Yearly Subscription for 12 Months at 99.95 USD / Year

Ease of Use

Creating an account on PinaLove is quick and easy. You’ll be prompted to submit some info so that a dashboard can be created for you. Such information is just essential identification, dating preferences, and physical features. You’ll then have to verify your email address before you can access your dashboard.

You can enhance your profile by adding a bio. Your bio describes who you are in extra detail, and the kind of partner that you are looking for online. A bio increases the chances of someone getting in touch with you after they’ve read all about you. The PinaLove algorithm chooses the profiles that you best match with and based on your preferences.

Getting in touch

Connecting with other members is simple. If you come across a profile that interests you, just add them to your list of favourites. You can also send them a direct message. If you are on an unpaid membership plan, you can only submit one text every ten minutes. You’ll have to wait for ten minutes to reply to messages as well.

When you upgrade to a paid membership, the possibilities become endless. You can message as many people as you want to. You can live chat with the people you already connect with too. There are no restrictions for members on paid membership, which is fantastic.

Upgrading your account

Using the basic features of PinaLove is free. However, if you want to enhance your experience and accelerate your dating progress, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership. Complimentary services include registration, sending interests, adding favourites, viewing profiles, and uploading photos. You are also able to communicate through messaging once every ten minutes.

Being patient for ten minutes so you can send or read a message would not be ideal when you need to chitchat with someone. Therefore, you need to subscribe to a paid membership to be able to send unlimited messages. When you upgrade from free to paid, you’ll have access to the following features:

  1. Unlimited messaging
  2. Message delivery and read receipts
  3. Your profile will be highlighted
  4. Live chat
  5. Messaging the most popular singles
Desktop and mobile platforms 

The PinaLove desktop site is so easy to use. Everything on it is properly labelled, and anyone who can read would not have any problem navigating through the website. The mobile app, on the other hand, is available for iOS users only and is quite similar to the desktop platform. You can register for an account, browse profiles, and message members from the app.

There is a note pad on user profiles where you can leave a special word for members who made a good impression on you. You can use the note pad to let them know that you are interested in them. PinaLove also allows you to save the pictures of members. Unfortunately, you only keep the photos on the site, not your phone’s or computer’s gallery.

Pros and Cons

  • PinaLove has millions of hopeful singles, meaning you have lots of options to choose from any time.
  • You can use the dating platform without having to pay a single cent.
  • The site does not have any restrictions on messaging if you are on paid membership.
  • Both the web and app platforms feature intuitive design for ease of use.
  • PinaLove offers real value for your money by highlighting your profile and giving you access to special features.
  • PinaLove is not wholly free. You still have to spend money to connect smoothly with someone.
  • The fact that any member can message you means that you might receive plenty of spam messages.
  • It is not mandatory to verify your profile. So expect coming along some fake profiles and getting money requests from scammers on the site.

The Bottom Line

PinaLove is a unique online dating site that focuses on connecting single men with Filipino girls. There are no restrictions to who you can connect with on the site. It is an exciting dating platform if you are an outgoing person. We are not that sure of you finding a lifelong partner here, but we cannot rule out that possibility.

If you are the curious kind, there is nothing wrong with feeding your curiosity with the many offerings of PinaLove. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy your experience seeking love on the site. Keep in mind that scammers thrive in internet dating platforms. You, therefore, need to be careful with your interactions to ensure that you avoid scamming.