Pink Sofa Review


Pink Sofa is a casual dating website that caters exclusively for lesbians and bisexuals. The site is also an online community where members can join the existing forums and use the chitchat feature to cultivate friendship and converse freely. One outstanding aspect of Pink Sofa is its diversity.

Whether you’re butch, femme, agnostic or religious, or into travel, fashion, sports or politics, you’ll find someone suitable for you. Furthermore, the company that operates this dating platform focuses its efforts on serving the LGBTQ community and is therefore intimately aware of your needs as a single woman who loves women.


  • Instant Messaging: Pink Sofa allows for real-time communication through instant messaging. Just visit a fellow member’s profile, then select the Instant Messaging option.
  • Chat Privacy: Choose if you want to appear available for conversation with all members or only a select few.
  • Chit Chat: The popular chitchat feature lets you post messages and comments as well as like other member’s posts.
  • Forums: Pink Sofa hosts over 100 forums that focus on various aspects of life, including relations, careers, hobbies, arts, and more.
  • Search Criteria: The Quick Search option enables you to search for a match with precision based on your preferences, including age and location. The Advanced Search option allows you to add other search parameters, particularly appearance, lifestyle, ethnicity and zodiac sign.


Premium Membership
  • 1 Month at 39.99 AUD / Month
  • 3 Months at 26.66 AUD / Month
  • 12 Months at 13.33 AUD / Month

Ease of Use

Registering on Pink Sofa is seamless and straightforward. All you have to do is sign up, create a profile and then upload a photo. You can register easily through Facebook on the mobile site. Most of the features on Pink Sofa are accessible by everyone, whether you’re a paying member or using the free account.

Easy and fast signup

To create a Pink Sofa account, you need to provide a username and password. Then, you’re required to add a profile picture and fill in your profile info. On the mobile site, you can link your account with your Facebook or email. Upon signing up, you’ll write a brief bio and answer a couple of questions. Next, you’ll have to supply other personal details, including how much you earn and what kind of job you do. These are optional, though.

Although the Pink Sofa homepage indicates that the site is for women aged 30 years and above, you can become a member as long you’re over 18 years. Your account will be approved after 12 hours, but you can still explore the site as you wait for the approval. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to converse with other users before approval. The thorough screening of new users ensures scammers and fake profiles don’t make it to the site.

Customisable search

There are two search options for finding potential mates. Free Search (free of charge) enables you to search for a given profile using the username. Advanced Search and Quick Search (paid for) tailor your search criteria by adding age range, location, sexuality, and other personal preferences. You can save your search criteria for future searches.

Initiating conversation

You can start communicating with other singles immediately after your account’s approval. If you’re a premium member, you can send instant messages to members who catch your fancy. You can receive messages as well. Disappointingly, basic members are limited to sending and receiving “smiles” – no messages. You can also interact with other users by liking then commenting on their Chit Chat posts if you have a premium account.

Detailed profiles

The typical Pink Sofa profile is quite detailed. Members have the option to include a description of themselves besides providing their name, location, and age. You can also specify why you joined Pink Sofa. Your profile remains visible to other users unless you set it otherwise.

Another profile section you’ll come across is “My Life”. Here, members reveal how outgoing they are and define their interests, habits, and star signs. You can also state your appearance, employment and children. There’s also a “More About Me” tab where you can reveal the things you value most in life. Don’t feel shy to tell how friends describe you or what your favourite meal is.

Because Pink Sofa only allows one profile picture at a time, you won’t have a photo on your profile until the image you uploaded gets approved. But you can still showcase your personality by uploading pictures to your gallery. Basic members can upload three gallery pictures while premium members are allowed up to 30 photos.

Pros and Cons

  • In-depth profiles.
  • The site is easy to navigate.
  • A free trial period for new members.
  • A vibrant community for bonding with other users.
  • You can gift other members with a subscription.
  • No mobile app, but you can access all features on the site’s mobile version.
  • Only paying members can send and receive messages.

The Bottom Line

Pink Sofa is a welcoming dating website for bisexual and lesbian women. The platform offers users a do-it-yourself model of finding lovers and friends. You are your matchmaker. Advanced search tools will help you find members who suit your likings. And useful features like the instant messaging functionality make for an extensive conversation.

The icing on the cake is the social networking feature that allows you to befriend other users and update your status. That makes it easy for you to build a network of buddies which is vital if you’re looking for dates. Pink Sofa has lots to offer, boosting your odds of meeting a match that you adore.