Polyamorous Dating Sites

8 Top Polyamorous Dating Websites Review

A romantic relationship with multiple partners, popularly known as polyamory, is a thing nowadays. Many people are switching from boring monogamous relationships to polygamous ones out of curiosity or just for pleasure. If you are new to polyamory, you have a lot to catch up on.

“Are there online dating sites for polyamorous people”, you might ask. The straight answer is Yes. Actually, they are in plenty. But do such sites deliver on their promises? As long as you are into polyamory affairs, this comprehensive review of the best polyamorous dating websites has got you covered. Read on to not only know which sites to visit but also ascertain whether polyamory is worth exploring.

1. EliteSingles

EliteSingles is a famous dating site that targets smarties and professionals looking for dates online either free of charge or at a price. The elite singles on this platform are well-educated and open-minded people who have embraced modern relationships, particularly polyamory.

Being a mainstream dating site, EliteSingles supports all kinds of relationships. That means polyamory is in the mix. A “Magazine” section on the website offers expert tips on how to go about online dating, with polyamorous dating being a trending topic. If you want to explore more than just polyamory, you can try out cougar or LGBTQ dating.

2. eHarmony

eHarmony is a massive dating site with millions of singles on either free or paid membership looking for their ideal matches. Though this platform is not exclusive for people practising polyamory, its vast userbase ensures you find polyamorous people just like you in no time.

Going by our experience on eHarmony, most of the members on the dating site are ready to explore nonmainstream relationships. So there is absolutely no way you will miss out on polyamorous love. Also, your chances of getting exactly what you are looking for are high, considering the website’s ease of use and helpful search function.

3. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a popular internet dating site that is free for women and paid for men. The website focuses on singles looking for discreet relationships and has tens of millions of diverse members. Although this platform is not specific to polyamorous dating, the huge membership makes it easy for you to find polyamorous companions.

The fact that Ashley Madison is big on privacy means it attracts many people who fancy relationships that are frowned upon in certain societies. Besides accommodating polyamorous persons, the site is full of individuals who are gay and even prefer threesomes. So make it a point to check out this vibrant site.

4. BeNaughty

BeNaughty is a standard and premium dating site that serves for hookups and casual dates. So, if you are seeking a serious relationship that will culminate in matrimony, this is not the ideal platform for you. It is also a dating website for people who want to make their sexual fantasies come true.

It is a no-brainer that a site like BeNaughty is where you are more likely to find people who are open to polyamory relations. You just need to specify the kind of relationship you are seeking on your profile, and you will be good to go. The site has millions of members, making it easy for you to find multiple polyamorous partners.

5. Polyamory Date

Polyamory Date is a free and paid dating site that caters to people seeking polyamory relationships. Almost everyone on the site is polyamorous and seeking several partners. Therefore, on this dating platform, you do not have to worry whether the people you are contacting are polygamous or not.

For speedy polyamory dating, Polyamory Date is your best bet. You can upload photos and videos on the website to attract partners, as well as chat in groups or privately. There is also a blog full of polyamory dating tips. One of the outstanding features is the “Anonymous Messaging” feature, which allows you to engage with and message singles discreetly.

6. Open Minded

Open Minded is a free and paid dating avenue where polyamorous singles can connect and establish relations in a secure and stigma-free environment. The platform focuses on ensuring every member is liberal, and no user is subjected to harsh judgement by rigid people.

If you hate being confined to monogamous relationships, Open Minded is the website to visit. The site’s demographic consists of both singles and people in relationships looking for extra partners. Some of the notable features on offer are private messaging, photo sharing, favourites lists, and invitations to exclusive parties.

7. BeyondTwo

BeyondTwo is a fabulous free dating site that welcomes all members regardless of their gender, relationship status, and sexual orientation. It is basically a friendly website for those seeking polyamorous relationships. More importantly, it provides a platform for polygamous people to meet, discuss issues, and find solutions to problems that affect them.

Having been in the online dating scene since 2012, BeyondTwo is very conversant in polyamory dating. Not only does the site connect you with other polyamorous individuals. But it also educates you about polyamory if you are a newbie. Additionally, you do not encounter stigmatisation because of your sexual preference.

8. Polyamorous Passions

Polyamorous Passions is an exciting free dating platform for polyamorous people. It is a social network that promotes polyamory and helps members find dates and make friends. The site provides an easy way for individuals to form polygamous relationships they have always been yearning for.

The dating channel allows members the freedom to be themselves. Therefore, the site is an awesome alternative to most of the mainstream dating platforms that frown upon unconventional dating trends. Polyamorous Passions mainly focuses on non-monogamous relationships. That makes it the perfect online dating website for getting familiar with polyamory.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to be ashamed of your preferences when it comes to intimate relationships and sexual inclinations. There are plenty of exciting online dating sites where polyamorous people can find their ideal partners. All the polyamory dating websites mentioned above will serve you well.