RSVP Review


RSVP was launched in 1997 on Valentine’s day. Since then, the platform has always featured as a leading Australian dating site. That is due to a large number of visitors it hosts with millions of its members being Australians. Browsing the site and having a profile is free. 

RSVP guarantees you access to its app and site through your desktop or smartphone. Accessibility makes the reputable dating platform convenient for all users. Its website that has been in existence for more than two decades has successfully won the heart of many singles thanks to quality user-experience.


  • Ideal Partner: You are permitted to view any member’s profile. You can even search profiles using particular preferences of your ideal partner such as height, eye colour, location, skin colour and marital status. You can then save your choice(s) as your “Ideal Partners”.
  • Matching: You have the opportunity to get matched frequently. Suggestions of matching profiles are emailed to you. If you are a premium member, you can choose matches beforehand.
  • Personality Report: RSVP provides a survey that you can complete in 15 minutes.  After this, the site will send you a five-page document, which is your personality report. You can only use the report as a paid member to gauge your compatibility with other people on the site.
  • Monitor your reply rate on the platform so you can always get a reply to your messages.
  • There is a DateHub section on the RSVP site where you get to read educative and funny posts. Furthermore, it’s a place to find dates. 
  • On the RSVP platform, there are interesting events, trending topics and travel options for people to try out on their dates.
  • The Android and iOS app make it easier for you to sign up, create an excellent profile, interact with others and explore the site.


  • Standout Membership for 1 Month at 14.00 AUD / Month
  • Premium Membership for 1 Month at 20.00 AUD / Month
  • Membership + Stamps for 1 Month at 56.00 AUD / Month

Ease of Use

RSVP is an online dating site that is user friendly. It’s not sophisticated at all. You can quickly get familiar with the site by using the search button effortlessly. You won’t spend too much time updating your profile and contacting any member you find attractive or who suits your taste.

Getting started

The first step to being a member is by signing up on RSVP through your Facebook account. This is to verify your identity before becoming a member. After that, you are free to upload your catchy photo on your profile, which will serve as your “profile picture”. Your profile picture is essential because members that upload their photos get higher rates of contact than those who created their profile without a photo. Uploading a picture to your profile is free and optional.

To proceed with your profile set-up, you will have to provide an answer to ten background questions. The questionnaire focuses on things like your height, marital status and ideal partner characteristics. For the best match results, you should answer all of these questions honestly. Bear in mind that the quality of your profile speaks a lot. Your profile will tell other members all they need to know about you. 

Initiating contact

After profile creation, you can start making contact by sending free kisses to members you are interested in and see If they respond. Note that if you have not purchased your stamps, you will not be able to send other people a personal message. When you send a message to someone, and the person does not respond in a month, RSVP will send you a credit that encourages you not to give up.

New members are offered unlimited conversation for a month with others on the platform. Additionally, RSVP has a chatroom for you to send free kisses, respond to chats and accept chat requests for free. There is no restriction to when you can log into your account and start conversing. Being active and conversational increases your chances of meeting your ideal partner sooner.

Pros and Cons

  • You can use RSVP app via an Android or iOS device.
  • RSVP uses stamps to ensure valuable interactions.
  • RSVP hosts more than two million Australian members.
  • Secure as you have total control of your visibility on the platform.
  • Block any member and their profile will never pop-up on your feed.
  • Lots of safe dating guides are all over the site to support your safety.
  • Register through your Facebook account to verify your identity as a newbie.
  • You must have stamps before you can initiate a conversation with other members on RSVP.
  • Making an audio and video chat on the platform is impossible.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right partner to settle down with could be burdensome and time-consuming. Nevertheless, RSVP online dating service is a place to ease the stress and avoid being lonely for long. The service is trustworthy and dedicated to making you mingle with other people you share the same ideal and philosophy with.

The site is straightforward to use and access anywhere. Also, you have the option to use your smartphone or desktop to open the site anytime. The service provides you as a registered member with a protected and harmless environment in your quest for a partner.

Most members on the site show seriousness by investing their money and time on the platform. It’s proof that RSVP is not kidding with its dating service. Likewise, you have an option to search or explore other people’s profiles and also find a match in using your “Ideal Partner” criteria.

In short, RSVP dating service is one of the most populated online dating sites you can find on the internet. Wait no more! Join now to meet your ideal partner from the large community of singles and start a successful relationship in no time.