Singles50 Review


There comes a certain point in life when you do not want any relationship advice. That is after years of experimenting with the right and wrong partners. At this moment in life, you know what you want, who you want, and how you want it. By 40, there is little in the dating scene that could surprise you.

However, regardless of your extensive experience, you might need help to find the most suitable partner efficiently. That kind of support is only helpful if it eliminates the unnecessary stresses you go through when looking for a companion through conventional means.

We embarked on finding the perfect dating site for you and came across Singles50, a popular and effective dating platform that is specific to 40+-year-olds. With more than 250,000 members from Australia, and a ratio of 49% women and 51% men, this platform is poised to offer a smooth experience for its users.


  • Learn your personality through the Scientific Personality Test: Every member has to take a personality test. While the process has been termed as lengthy by many users, the test is vital in determining your personality and matching you with the most fitting partner. The questions provided simply capture an in-depth view of you as a person.
  • Check your compatibility with other members of Singles50: This is information provided by the site’s algorithm and derived from the answers you present during the personality test. When you visit a potential partner’s profile, you will be able to compare your compatibility with them and decide whether you two are compatible enough to hit it off.
  • Get prompt notifications whenever someone joins or messages you: There are different types of alerts provided by this dating platform. One is the new member notification which allows you to view the profiles of new members. The next notification appears when you receive a message from a potential mate.


  • Basic Membership for 3 Months at 59.90 AUD / Month
  • Classic Membership for 6 Months at 39.90 AUD / Month
  • Committed Membership for 12 Months at 29.90 AUD / Month

Ease of Use

The Singles50 platform is one of a kind as it aims to make dating easy for you. We perused through the site to find out whether it was easy to use. Our search was backed by the belief that any dating site out there should be straightforward, without clutter or unnecessary features.

The sign-up process is easy

Being the initial step towards enjoying online dating, Singles50 has made signing up the easiest part. To sign up, you will need first to provide your gender and who you are looking for. So if you are a male looking for a female, indicate it, and then proceed to register. The next step will be to provide your email address after which you will undergo a detailed personality test. While the personality test is lengthy, it helps you find a long term match.

The details you fill in your profile can be changed at a later time, depending on your current situation. Additionally, you have the option to delete your profile. Simply go to the “My Profile” section, select settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, you will find the “Delete Your Profile” button.

Simple design to boost usability

Given that people using Singles50 come from different backgrounds, the site needed to be easy to use for all. We were delighted to find that the site has one of the best designs in the market. You do not need a deep background in technology to make your way around the site. The icons provided are clear and unambiguous.

Making contact isn’t complex

You might be wondering how hard it is to contact a potential companion given that everything about Singles50 sounds high tech. Surprisingly, everything is seamless. The intelligent algorithm and scientific personality test make sure you get matched with the perfect partner, setting the stage for getting in touch.

You can, therefore, reach out to anyone on the site and start communicating with them instantly. The only members who might have a problem communicating with other users are those using free accounts. You can only send one message, and the reply will be blurred until you pay for a membership plan.

Profiles have plenty of information

While Singles50 might present you with all the best matches in the world based on your personality, it won’t change their preferences. And there is nothing as terrible as meeting someone only to find out that despite their amazing personality, they have a few things that you cannot stand. Singles50 solves this hiccup by allowing members to fill out their profiles with all the information that would seem relevant. While the profiles are not too detailed, you can learn quite a lot about a person by checking out their profile.

Pros and Cons

  • You get to determine your personality through a detailed personality test.
  • The service does all the heavy lifting for you in terms of matching.
  • There is a free membership option for users.
  • You can sign up through social media accounts such as Facebook.
  • The platform is easy to use for all.


  • You can only send one message and won’t be able to see the reply without a premium account.
  • Profiles are not verified.
  • Sending messages to other users is only free for women.

The Bottom Line

“Life begins at 40” is a famous phrase used by most people who find renewed spirit at or above 40 years of age. When you hit this age, you are no longer looking for someone to rush or stress you. Dating for you is not for fun, and even if it is, you need someone who you can have constructive fun with. Most importantly, you are looking for someone with a certain level of maturity that you can relate with.

And that is what makes Singles50 such a valuable tool. By using this dating platform that enables you and your age mates to meet, interact and date based on your personalities, finding that one person who is right for you is highly likely. It also becomes possible to live a healthy, stress-free life by eliminating most of the hurdles involved in finding love.