Transgender Dating Sites

8 Top Transgender Dating Websites Review

Most dating sites uphold a conservative view of relationships. Dating and marrying a transgender person is seen as a taboo and unacceptable, and thus frowned upon. Even some dating sites that would support trans dating often lack the right filters to yield the best results for searchers. But this shouldn’t be a concern to transgender people anymore.

The online dating scene has grown exponentially, offering everyone an equal opportunity to find love anytime they feel like it. There are plenty of trans-friendly dating websites on the interweb to help one find a loving partner. These sites not only bring transpersons together but are more comfortable and accessible avenues for trans-singles to mingle and find love. Everything can happen safely and in privacy unless you want to go public about it. If you are looking for where to join millions of other trans people for dating purposes, here are the top dating websites you should consider.

1. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder was birthed in 1996 and has since grown into a giant in the adult dating industry. It has been streamlined to offer services to people from varied backgrounds including swingers, casual daters, sex daters, those seeking hookups, marriage dating, fetish dating, and guess what else – transgender dating.

It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for a date of any kind. Whether it’s a one-night-stand or a lifetime relationship, you can get it here. The site is designed to save you the effort and time with an attractive and user-friendly interface. With close to 100 million users signed up, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get your match here.

While AdultFriendFinder is engineered to serve any single person looking for a partner, it’s a great place for transgender dating. All you have to do is sign up for free and then update your profile with images, your sexual orientation, and any other relevant information about yourself. Once you are in, you can access features like chat messenger, check out other transexuals’ profiles, among other interesting things. The best part is that you can do all this on your mobile device as well.

2. Adult Match Maker

If you are a transgender person who is single and ready to mingle with like-minded transpeople, then Adult Match Maker is for you. Whether you are feeling flirtatious or seeking casual dating opportunities, want to start with swinging or learn something new regarding your sexuality, this would be your home. Adult Match Maker is jam-packed with open-minded transgender individuals who have assembled on this site to meet people like you. The site is not a fully-fledged transgender platform, but the big multitude of people on it presents every personality with an opportunity to get love.

Adult Match Maker has transgender sexperts who share helpful information in the blog section. They cover all the kinky subjects and are keen on answering questions that might arise from you. Australians own this website for fellow Aussies. Community members actively contribute by posting special offers and events. You can browse the notices to find sexual workshops, single events, nightclubs, music listings, and more.

The site is also thorough when it comes to the safety of its 3 million users. You’ll barely come across fake profiles. Each member has to verify their account and validate their profile for the best protection. So if you are looking for sexy transgender people who are ready to love and romance, Adult Match Maker is the ideal place.

3. MyTransgenderCupid

MyTransgenderCupid is where to go if you’re looking for a long term relationship. Since 2015, this site has been strictly facilitating lasting transexual relationships. There are lots of testimonials from trans women and men in successful relationships who first met here. That explains why the populace on this platform keeps rising quickly by the day. Anyone from anywhere in the world can sign up on the site and connect with international and local transexuals.

To join MyTransgenderCupid, you’ll answer a few questions and upload an appealing image on your profile. It’s free to join and browse other people’s profiles. If you are good at what you do, you’ll have established rapport with several prospects within no time. Definitely, an attractive and genuine relationship with a transgender person is possible on this dating platform. Find your true love on MyTransgenderCupid and become one of the success stories.


Every minute presents an opportunity to find a trans lover on TransDate. On this platform, you’ll easily meet sexy transexuals who are single and searching for people like you. It hosts over 100,000 hot trans women from all demographics who are into all manner of fetishes. From sissies and crossdressers to subs and doms, everyone is on board from all over the world. For more than ten years, this site has facilitated transgender relationships and made it possible for everyone on it to feel at home and hook up with whoever they wish.

TransDate avails a stage to host webcams, contribute your experiences through blog posts, and upload and watch videos from fellow members. You can access this site from any device anywhere anytime, presenting a huge opportunity to find romance regardless of your location. There is a search option that will help you filter results and get what you specifically need. Unlike other sites that have premium services, TransDate is completely free.

5. TSDates

With over 100 million members, there is no better site for transgender dating as TSDates. It hooks you up with local transpersons who are ready to fulfil your love desires. The appealing interface and speedy signup process are just some of the few good things to expect. This site hosts all people from all corners of the world virtually. You get what you want on TSDates. So whether you are looking for a quicky or want a serious long term relationship, you’ll get it here.

6. Passion

If you are passionate enough about your sexual life and want to date a transgender beauty, there is no better place to get one than on Passion. This transgender dating site is designed to hook you up with those looking for casual romance. No strings attached. From finding chat mates to flings, there is a ton of beautiful trans people who want you asap. There are millions of signups on this website and so, getting someone that fits you won’t be a hassle.

Take advantage of the filters to search for what you need depending on age, location, body type, height, and more. The dating site is safe, and various structures are in place to protect you. You can enjoy tools like video streaming and instant messaging, as well as share your experiences and journey with the positive community. For those on the go, don’t worry. You can still access Passion through your mobile device.

7. TransgenderDate

You don’t need to spend money to get the love of your life. And TransgenderDate, for over ten years now, has been offering transpeople the opportunity to find romance for free. 100% FREE. That’s why it turns out to be one of the industry leaders in transgender dating. It’s solely designed to meet transexual needs where you can ask questions, get assistance, celebrate achievements, and even air your emotions.

You can get a hookup, fling, or casual friendship. Or even decide to take it a step further into a lifelong love affair. Why not yet there are thousands of awesome people on the platform? TransgenderDate is free to join and secure for your privacy. You’ll chat, read blogs from industry experts, view the image galleries, and chat with prospects any time. The transgender community here comprises of people from all corners of the globe, including in your neighbourhood.

8. MyTranssexualDate

What sets apart MyTranssexualDate is the small yet close transexual community. So many successful transexual relationships have their origin on this site. Unlike other dating sites where anything goes, this platform dedicates itself to ensuring true friendships and love stories flourish. Therefore, if you are the kind that values decency and would love to meet a man or woman who loves you to the core, you’re in the right place. Better yet, transwomen get to access the services of this dating site without paying a dime.

The team behind MyTranssexualDate comprises trans persons. As a result, everything that happens on the site is reviewed carefully and monitored closely to ensure complete protection of identities. Moderators are available to make sure guidelines are followed. With such measures, you’ll be sure there is no stereotyping, bullying, and the spread of any negativity against trans people. Join a transgender community that cares for your feelings and truly wants the best for you. There is lasting romance for you at MyTranssexualDate.

Final Thoughts

Dating in a normal world for trans people can be a daunting task. There is a lot of discrimination and blatant bigotry from factions of the community. But thank goodness. With the internet, you can join a community of people who would love to date you and be with you forever. Join millions of other transgender people on the dating sites mentioned above and experience life in full.