Vegan Dating Sites

7 Top Vegan Dating Websites Review

Veganism is one of the most popular lifestyles in the world right now. Vegans, unlike most people, exercise a high level of consciousness and discipline when picking the kind of food they consume. Therefore, it only makes sense that as a vegan, you will want to share your life and experiences with someone who values your commitment to staying vegan.

But is it easy to meet a vegan who will love you as much as they love eating healthy? The answer, we found, is yes. After a series of searches on the internet, we were able to identify several dating websites where you are more likely to encounter a vegan who might become your lifelong partner.

1. EliteSingles

EliteSingles is a unique yet highly reliable dating site where you are likely to find someone with the same ideals as you. The site is peculiar in a good way, as more than 80% of its users have attained higher education. This, therefore, is a great place to find a smart yet sweet person to couple up.

While the site is not exclusive for vegans, the chances of you meeting someone who understands your motives towards veganism are high. The site has millions of users ready to interact. Additionally, EliteSingles uses algorithms designed to match you with the most suitable partner, depending on what you fill on your profile. You will, however, have to take a personality test before joining the site for a more suitable pairing.

With EliteSingles, you don’t have to worry about losing your personal information to scammers. Also, the site offers a mobile app that you can use on the go. The app has added functionality, such as the ability to see who viewed your profile. Both the web and app platforms are just what you need to meet that special someone.

2. eHarmony

eHarmony is not specific to vegans. However, it is a big enough site for you to find many users with specific preferences such as veganism. eHarmony has a user base of more than 10 million singles with 51% men and 49% women. The site is ideal for a vegan like you because of its diverse membership that promises someone of your kind.

Not to forget multiple features that you will find helpful in finding a companion. For example, premium users have the chance to enjoy a soon-to-be-released video functionality. That will allow you to go on a virtual date with your potential mate. You will not only save your time but also eliminate the hassle of having to worry about making a bad first impression on a real date.

3. Spiritual Singles

Are you a spiritual person, or would you fancy to date a spiritual person? Spiritual Singles is a small niche dating website that will help you connect with the right person. The site started in 2000 after its founder tried mainstream dating sites and struck out. Currently, the site has more than 80,000 members with a conscious crowd of vegans, vegetarians, and animal rights advocates.

Spiritual Singles allows you to upload up to 20 photos on your profile, comes with an unlimited instant messaging functionality so you can chat with your potential mate, and has basic astrology which allows you to gauge your compatibility with a potential partner. This is the right place for you if you value holistic health and healthy practices.

4. Green Singles

As the name suggests, Green Singles is a dating website designed for people who treasure the environment. As a vegan looking for a companion, this site is ideal because it comes with a mix of idealists who share the same beliefs as you. The site is built for vegetarians, environmentalists and spiritual people. Therefore, the chances of you meeting a deeply conscious person who understands you are high on this platform.

Additionally, Green Singles is free to join. You can create your profile, communicate with potential companions through the messaging feature and send virtual hellos. There is also a personality test which helps match you with the most suitable mates among the thousands of users. That saves you the time and energy you would have used to vet every potential mate.

5. Planet Earth Singles AU

Planet Earth Singles is yet another Australian dating website designed for people looking to find love among the eco-savvy crowd. Part of you being a vegan is because you understand that the earth needs to be properly taken care of, and it is our responsibility to do so. If you are looking for someone who shares the same ideals, then Planet Earth Singles is the place to be. Herein you can interact with other vegans without feeling out of place.

The site accommodates thousands of members who are individually screened to guarantee the safety of other users. Once inside, you will be presented with numerous features which make dating via the site easy. One such great feature is the filter function which allows you to pick the kind of partner you are looking for online. For example, you could be angling for someone who does not smoke or someone of a particular political ideology. The search filters allow you to streamline the vetting process and only remain with people you can relate with.


We encountered yet another niche dating website that enables you to interact with people who lead a healthy lifestyle like you. But this time around, there is little diversity in lifestyles amongst members. Members range from vegetarians and vegans to raw-foodists, fruitarians and macrobiotics. Still, VeggieConnection is a great place for a vegan to hang out and find love or meaningful friendship.

The VeggieConnection website is a free-to-register platform that has a rather straightforward registration process. All you need to do after signing up is to fill out your profile, upload your photos and see who is interested in you. The site allows you to upload up to 52 photos, a significant number for those who want to showcase themselves.

You can also search through the different profiles based on your preferences. Therefore, it is possible to choose who to interact with in terms of diet, proximity, age, etc. For members seeking that premium experience, there is a low-cost premium package for you as well. With a premium membership, you will send ice breakers to potential partners and talk to gold members.

7. VeggieDate

Created in 1999, the VeggieDate dating site is anything but a dismal platform. The VeggieDate website is simple, self-explanatory and welcoming to any member who would wish to join. The site hosts a diverse group of members including vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, semi-vegetarians, Ovo vegetarians, and many more. This is the place where you can find love amongst likeminded people. You can opt for a free membership or the premium package which grants unlimited texts for a one-time affordable fee.

Final Thoughts

Finding someone who understands your lifestyle is awesome no doubt. The ultimate goal, however, is to find someone whose lifestyle mirrors yours. Make use of the dating sites mentioned above and explore the vegan life and true love. Obviously, the best of two worlds.