Wireclub Review


Wireclub is an online dating platform where you can meet new and exciting people, chat with them, and eventually, have a lasting relationship. The site has chat rooms that enable you to chat strangers up and find a date. The one of a kind chat room works like an ordinary dating site.

Wireclub not only allows you to engage a group of people in one go. You can also send direct and private messages. It is, therefore, a site where you can meet someone who tickles your fancy, connect with them, and possibly start dating. The possibilities are endless.


  • Wireclub Chat Rooms: These are chat rooms provided by Wireclub. There are many chat rooms of this kind, and you can join any of them. The chat rooms are usually niches. For instance, there is the “50+ Chat” that is for people who are 50 years and over.
  • User Chat Rooms: These are chat rooms that are created by members. You can create a group in a specific niche that will attract the kind of people you want to interact with online. Examples of user chat rooms on Wireclub are Everything Curvy, Dating Older, Unhappily Married, and even Jesus Christ.


  • 3,400 Credits at 20.00 USD
  • 8,550 Credits at 50.00 USD
  • 18,400 Credits at 100.00 USD
  • 38,500 Credits at 200.00 USD

Ease of Use

Registering on Wireclub is straightforward. All you need to do is submit your email address and input your desired password. You will then have to verify your email address. You should have your dashboard ready in a few seconds after verification. Afterwards, you can complete the rest of your profile.

You are free to upload a photo during the registration process. Then, you can enter and view forums and chat rooms, but you cannot comment on any of them. Your email username is going to be your default username. You will have to purchase 100 credits to change your username.

Wireclub offers free and paid services. Creating an account, viewing forums and chat rooms, and searching profiles are all free. Paid services such as joining chat rooms, engaging in forums, adding friends and contacting members in private require purchasing credits.

Forums and chat rooms

There aren’t many features on Wireclub, but chat rooms are worth mentioning. Chat rooms are organised rooms where active members meet and talk. Chat rooms are not private messaging boxes but public platforms where all the chat room members see your conversations.

To post on any forum or chat room, you have to purchase credits. Credits are also a must-have to message other members privately. If you want to explore profiles, which is free, there is a search button where you can enter relevant tags, and you will be shown the profiles related with that tag.

If you come across any exciting profiles, you can add them as friends in your people’s list. As mentioned earlier, you can create your chat room if none of the available ones augers well with what you are looking for online. People will join your chat room if its subject interests them.

Rules and regulations

Some terms and conditions govern member interactions on Wireclub. Posting inappropriate or explicit material on the site is prohibited. Bullying and spamming are frowned upon as well. If you are getting spammed or bullied by a user, you should report them, and the issue will be handled effectively. You might get suspended or banned from the site if you flout any of the rules and regulations.

Pros and Cons

  • Using the Wireclub platform is quite easy as long as you’re familiar with the interweb.
  • Wireclub is a dynamic site with a vibrant community of singles.
  • The platform is a place where people can freely engage and have fun.
  • There is a gaming section where you play exciting games.
  • You can use the Android or iOS app on the go.
  • You have to pay for the primary services and features of Wireclub. Though registration is free, connecting with anyone comes at a cost.
  • The site has rules and regulations that members must adhere to always. However, there is no mechanism to protect users against spamming and bullying.
  • Wireclub does not require members to verify their profiles. It is highly likely that there are fake profiles on the site.

The Bottom Line

We established that Wireclub is more of a social media site than a dating site. It can help you meet and date someone, though. Some of the chat rooms are all about dating, and you can join them if you are looking for a date. Most of the dating chat rooms are niches.  For instance, you’ll find a chat room of people within a particular age bracket. Such chat rooms present you with a good chance of finding your ideal match.

Sometimes, people find soulmates in the most unlikely places. Wireclub might not seem like your ordinary dating site, but you can indeed find a date on the platform. Even if you do not find a date, you will genuinely enjoy your interactions on Wireclub.